Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Driver loves

Awak, the best driver that i ever had! menceriakan hidup saya. every precious moment is made to count with u. N all "berigat" picture will be upload soon by ur frenz which i think..hahahhaa abis la u!soon, u've never chances to pikat n flirt with gewe baru! Jahat kn..but i like to be jahat with u!!! Mungkin, depan awak, i will never answer "sayang ore x?"..but deeply..yes i love u!! Ego kn...that's me! Cepat sikit cuti...i want to be with u again!

I Loved You So Much .. And Then You Came , And Broke My Heart .. But For Some Bizarre Reason .. I Honestly Still Love You . ❤

If you could see me now, then u will realize that now i'm try to accept u. For the future, they are pray for us..  Ya Allah, if love was right there in front of me, i hope it's him.

p/s: ckp kat mak awk..saya setuju!

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